Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mechanical approaches on determining state borders of Armenia should be simply ruled out – Ombudsman


Mechanical approaches on determining the state borders of Armenia should be just ruled out, Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan said in a statement.

“The livestock building belonging to Shurnukh village resident Styopa Movsisyan, which is adjacent to his house, has been divided into 2 parts – “Azerbaijani” and “Armenian”, as a result of the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or Google Maps.

Moreover, the state registration of the ownership rights to both the house and the livestock building has been approved by the certificates of the Cadastre Committee of Armenia.

We have tried several versions of Google Maps in the area of that house, and each version showed different results, including presenting Styopa Movsisyan’s house and the whole Shurnukh village as part of Armenia.

Unfortunately, today such stories are numerous. Such concrete examples prove that as a result of approaches used till this moment for determining the borders, as well as due to the mechanical use of GPS or Google Map, and especially in the case of property and several other rights the rights of the bordering residents of Armenia have been grossly violated. People are unable to use their property even having the ownership certificates.

Therefore, such mechanical approaches on determining the state borders of Armenia, the processes with such speed should be just ruled out”, the Ombudsman said.

According to him, professional approaches, research results, proper legal grounds are needed.

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