Thursday, April 25, 2024
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3rd President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan addresses message on Army Day

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The Army has been and remains the axis of Armenia’s independent statehood, the guarantor of the security of the Artsakh people, Third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said in a message addressed on the Army Day.

The message reads:

“Armenian army, our beloved offspring, your birthday is one of our people’s most cherished holidays, which we have always celebrated with joy.

Today, however, the mood is different: we are all saddened, grieving for the loss of a part of our Homeland, for our martyrs, concerned for the future of our state and nation. However, a parent should never deny his child under any circumstances, especially in time of hardship.

Our people have raised their children at the cost of deprivation, subjected to unspeakable ordeals, and raised a patriotic child.

Therefore, today I say without hesitation, happy birthday, Armenian Army. On behalf of my comrades-in-arms standing at the roots of the formation and development of the Armenian Army, I tell you, you have not lost the war, I know you well. You have been betrayed, struck from behind, severely injured, while before that in recent years everything was done to discredit or weaken you, but you did your duty selflessly. Today thousands of parents tell episodes of your exploits without even imagining who or where misled and trapped you.

The enemy, who has always been afraid of you, knows very well what insidious means he used to achieve his goal. You are as much powerful, and let no one boast that they have defeated you. You will still show the strength of your arm, remind the enemy of his not-so-distant shameful past. You have been the axis of our independent statehood, the guarantor of the security of our people, our sisters and brothers in Artsakh.

Learning from the past, straighten your back, squeeze the pain under your teeth, look ahead. No matter how difficult and mined is our path, inside or outside, we will cross it together, relying on each other, defying challenges.

Our big family, our Homeland, the land and the water soaked in the blood of our heroes, needs your protection today more than ever.

Eternal glory to you, glory to all our heroes, alive or martyred, who shaped your glorious path!”

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