Monday, December 6, 2021

Russia, China, Switzerland Armenia’s main foreign trade partners for 2020


 Armenia recorded highest trade turnover in 2020 with Russia, China and Switzerland, ARMEN PRESS was informed from the Statistics Committee of Armenia.

Armenia’s foreign trade turnover in 2020 amounted to over 7,1 billion USD, declining by 13.2% against 2019.

Russia ranked 1st among Armenia’s foreign trade partners, with a trade turnover over 2 billion and 155 million USD, which is a decline of 3.5% against 2019.

Armenia’s 2nd foreign trade partner was China, with a trade turnover over 964 million USD, which is an increase of 2% against 2019.

Switzerland comes next, which recorded 485million USD trade turnover with Armenia – a decline of 5.1%.

Armenia’s trade turnover with the EU amounted over 1 billion and 276 million USD, declining by 22.9% against 2019.

Armenia’s trade turnover with the USA in 2020 amounted to 152 million USD, declining by 54,5% against 2019.

Trade turnover with Iran amounted to over 400 million USD, declining by 2.2%, while with Georgia – 129.7 million USD, a decline of 12.9% against 2019.

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