Tuesday, December 7, 2021

12 wounded servicemen need additional treatment abroad


Armenia’s defense ministry has appealed to the professional commission of the healthcare ministry to organize the treatment of 12 servicemen, who were wounded during the recent Artsakh War, abroad, Minister of Healthcare Anahit Avanesyan said during the Q&A session in the Parliament, in response to the question of the ruling bloc MP Narek Mkrtchyan.

“There are cases when our wounded soldiers will need additional or more complex treatment abroad. There is concrete procedure for such cases when the defense ministry is submitting such applications to the professional commission of the healthcare ministry which in turn assesses whether there is a need to send them abroad or not, and after that it makes a decision, as a result of which the government fully covers the costs of the treatment of the wounded servicemen. At this moment 12 such applications have been submitted for the commission’s discussion, and they are in process”, she said.

The minister added that the medical care of the wounded servicemen is being carried out at the expense of the state funds.

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