Friday, April 23, 2021

Armenian Church calls for negotiated solution to “extremely difficult situation”


The Armenian Church says it is following with “deep concern” the ongoing developments that are taking place after the Armed Forces high command’s statement and the Prime Minister’s statements that followed it.

“In this crisis, post-war situation, when our homeland is withstanding numerous political, economic and social challenges, the constant accusations and calls for political vengeances are threatening national unity and security,” the Mother See of Holy Etchmiatsin said in a statement.

“The Mother See finds the further escalation of the situation to be inadmissible and devastating, and is calling on our people to display reasonableness and responsibility, not to give in to provocations and refrain from civil clashes. The Mother See is urging the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament, Cabinet members and leaders of all political forces to find a way out from this extremely difficult situation around the negotiations table, for the love of our country and people,” it said.

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