Friday, April 23, 2021

Opposition leader speaks about blocking Baghramyan street with barricades


Candidate of the Fatherland Salvation Movement Vazgen Manukyan commented on PM Pashinyan’s invitation to start consultations with political forces on solving the domestic political situation. ARMENPRESS reports during the protest near the National Assembly, Vazgen Manukyan emphasized that they can speak with Pashinyan only about one thing – to discuss how he will step down.

”The issue of power will be solved at the National Assembly. Our headquarter is here. We will stay here, let him come here and we will dictate him our demands and how he has to step down. Dear people, this is a historical moment, be resilient, courageous, patient. We will block this street. We will wait. We must bring the MPs so as they vote and dismiss the PM. Get ready, we will stay here all night and will block the street with barricades from both ends”, Manukyan said.

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