Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Armenian civilians unharmed in stone throwing assault committed by Azeri troops in Artsakh


Armenian motorists are unharmed after being assaulted in a stone throwing incident in a village of Artsakh, with perpetrators being Azerbaijani troops who were traveling escorted by Russian peacekeepers along a road in the territory of Artsakh.

The incident took place midday March 25.

The Azerbaijani soldiers threw stones from their vehicles at Armenian residents of Artsakh who were traveling on the same road. “One of the motorists was able to avoid being hit, but the motorist driving behind him couldn’t,” Artsakh Interior Ministry spokesperson Hunan Tadevosyan told ARMENPRESS.

“After the incident, the residents of the town immediately blocked the convoy from traveling further, and the Russian peacekeepers and the commanders of the Azerbaijani troops exited their vehicles and apologized,” Tadevosyan said.

The Russian commander said the Armenian motorist whose car was damaged will receive compensation.

The Interior Ministry said it will provide additional details later.

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