Friday, June 18, 2021

US expects Azerbaijan to pull back forces immediately


The United States is closely monitoring the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and expects Azerbaijan to immediately pull back its forces, State Department spokeswoman Jalina Porter said on Friday.

“Military movements …. are irresponsible and they are also unnecessarily provocative,” said Jalina Porter.

“We expect Azerbaijan to pull back all forces immediately and cease further provocation,” she told reporters.

On May 12, Azeri military units breached the Armenian state border in an attempt to seize the area of the Sev Lake in Syunik Province. Azeri military formations advanced into the Gegharkunik Province as well. A total of 250 Azeri troops are illegally deployed inside Armenian territory.

PM Pashinyan called the Azeri actions a pre-planned provocation and infringement on Armenian sovereignty. 

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