Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Advocates of Armenian POWs make efforts to visit their clients in Azerbaijani prisons


The Chamber of Advocates of Armenia held the second meeting on providing legal assistance to the Armenian war prisoners kept in Azerbaijan, during which it was mentioned that the team of advocates representing the interests of the POWs is taking measures to visit their clients in Azerbaijani prisons, ARMENPRESS was informed from the press service of the Chamber of Advocates.

‘’As we have already announced, the Chamber of Advocates has expressed readiness to support the process of providing legal assistance to our compatriots who are kept in Azerbaijan as hostages.

Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Chobanyan and his deputies Mane Karapetyan and Harut Aklunts, as well as lawyer Hayk Alumyan held meetings with the representative of the Republic of Armenia in the European Court of Human Rights, his deputy and other specialists for discussing the opportunities to implement their mission.

Based on the result of the discussions, the participants came to the conclusion that the continuous representation of the interests of Armenian POWs  in the European Court of Human Rights is a necessity. To this end, the team representing the interests of the detainees is taking steps to visit clients in Azerbaijani prisons.

The Chamber of Advocates once again emphasized that their efforts are not aimed at protecting the Armenian POWs in Azerbaijani courts and according to the Azerbaijani domestic legislation, and the Chamber joins the assessment of the representatives of the Armenian authorities and civil society that these trials can not be considered legitimate.

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