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Exhibition dedicated to 103th anniversary of prominent Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler opened in Turkey


An exhibition dedicated to 103th anniversary of prominent Turkish-Armenian photographer Ara Güler has been opened in Istanbul, Turkey, ARMENPRESS reports, Turkish Hürriyet Daily informs.

The exhibition opened on August 16 in famous Galata Tower in Istanbul. 75 photos of Istanbul by Ara Güler are presented. The exhibition will be open until late October.

Ara Güler died on October 17, 2018. He was born in 1928 in Istanbul. He studied at Getronagan Armenian High School. His father owned a pharmacy, but had many friends that belonged to the world of art. Ara came into contact with these people and they inspired him to opt for a career in films/cinema. He worked in film studios and joined courses of drama under Muhsin Ertuğrul. Later, he leaned towards journalism and abandoned cinema. In 1950 he joined Yeni Istanbul, a Turkish newspaper, as a photojournalist. During the same time, he studied economics from University of Istanbul. Then he started working for Hürriyet.

In 1958 when Time-Life, an American publication opened its Turkey branch, Ara Güler became its initial correspondent. Soon enough he started to get commissioned by other international magazines, such as Stern, Paris Match, and Sunday Times, London. 
In 1961, he was hired by Hayat magazine as the chief photographer. In this time, he met Marc Riboud and Henri Cartier-Bresson, who recruited him to join Magnum Photos. Ara was presented in 1961 British Photography Yearbook. In the same year, the American Society of Magazine Photographers made him the first Turkish photographer to become the member of this organization.

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