Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Firefighters battling grassfire in Artsakh come under Azerbaijani gunfire


Firefighters in Artsakh came under Azerbaijani gunfire while attempting to contain a grassfire which in turn had started from Azerbaijani shelling.

The Artsakhi military reported that around 20:40, August 17 the Azerbaijani armed forces violated the ceasefire and started shooting at the south-western border, which resulted in a fire in an area of over 3 hectares of grassland.

“A firefighting unit was dispatched to extinguish the fire, but the Azerbaijani military started shooting at the firefighters, hindering the firefighting mission,” the Artsakh Defense Army said. The firefighters didn’t suffer injuries.

The Russian peacekeeping contingent’s command was notified on the Azeri ceasefire violation, the Artsakh military said.

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