Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Cultural heritage in territory of Karaglukh and Parukh under danger – Artsakh Deputy Minister

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Our cultural heritage in the territory of Karaglukh in Artsakh is under danger, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Artsakh Lernik Hovhannisyan said.

He said this territory is distinguished by rich historical-cultural values documenting the centuries-old history of Artsakh and the identity of the people of Artsakh.

“The territory needs further detailed research as just several months ago the State Service for Protection of Historical Environment SNCO carried out studies there and discovered more than 20 new cross-stones. This shows that Karaglukh probably has monuments that have not been discovered yet. Another painful blow is given to our cultural identity and historical-cultural heritage, the historical landscape is being disrupted, which is one of the evidences of our people’s identity”, the deputy minister said. “The policy of ethnocide by Azerbaijan has not changed. The impunity of Azerbaijani authorities leads to new crimes, which is taking place before our eyes every day under the silence of the international community. The rich historical-cultural heritage of Artsakh needs protection”, he added.

The Parukh-Karaglukh site is very important from the perspective of the historical-cultural heritage of Artsakh. Karaglukh is located 10 km north-west from the town of Askeran, near a rock called Shikakar. The Shikakar fortress of the village is an important historical site and played a significant role in the defense of Artsakh.

By the 2011 decision of the government of Artsakh, the historical-cultural monuments of Parukh were included into the state list of immovable historical and cultural monuments of Askeran region. Accordingly, there are more than 20 monuments, including 2 churches, the famous Shikakar-Karaglukh castle, cultural monuments, cemetaries, cross-stones, in the territory.

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