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First Teachers’ General Assembly․ The Signal of Mesrobian High School’s 84 th  Scholastic Year Was Given

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On September 8, 2022, the teaching staff along with the superintendents of the
Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School convened their first general assembly in the
‘Farajian’ auditorium of the school, preparing the start of the new scholastic year.
The meeting was opened by the reflections and prayer of Reverend Raffi
Hovhannessian, the school’s chaplain, which was followed by the report of the Principal
of the school, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, comprising a summary about the previous
scholastic year and about future activities.
After mentioning the school’s success in coping with the contingencies of the imposed
situation in order to limit the spread of the corona virus last year, Mr. Kaloust announced
that Mesrobian is now fully ready to start and continue a normal scholastic year, as it
was in the period preceding the pandemic, with the complete recovery of the pending
educational works, including the extra-curricular activities.
The Principal expressed his satisfaction with the educational results of the last
scholastic year, highlighted by the honorable results at the official exams. The overall
success rate of the High School was 95.31%, (97.14% for the Brevet and 93.10% for
the Baccalaureate), whereas the overall success rate of the BP2, BT3 and TS sections
of the Technical College was 100%. 116 students from these two schools passed the
official exams, 53 of them with Honors.
Mr. Kaloust emphasized that every member of Mesrobian’s staff contributed to the
school’s achievements with dedicated and conscientious work, despite the extremely
difficult conditions known to everyone. In the coming scholastic year, Mesrobian High
School will comprise a staff of 109 members in order to entirely fulfill its commitment to
ensure the best education for its students. Mr. Kaloust said that, as in the past years,
the training of teachers will continue during this year too, under the leadership of Dr
Colette Aoun, the Principal’s educational consultant.
Then Ms. Hasna Abou Elias, the responsible Mesrobian’s secondary section and Dr.
Aoun’s assistant, addressed the issues related to the organization of the work between
the coordinating teachers and the teaching staff, as well as the status of the electronic
management of lessons.
In the second part of the meeting, Mr. Samir Costantine, director of the WAZNAT
educational consulting company, conducted training activities with the
attendees. Mesrobian has been cooperating with this reputable company for many
years in the framework of intellectual development programs for teachers, parents as
well as students.
Focusing on adaptation and resilience, Mr. Costantine made important suggestions
aimed at developing one’s adaptability to the current socio-economic conditions,
observing that it is thanks to this quality that a person, after experiencing many falls, can
start ascending on the moral, psychological and physical levels and become resilient
when facing new and unstable conditions.
On the day following the general assembly, a three-day training seminar for teachers
began under the leadership of Mrs. Colette Aoun, the Principal’s educational consultant.

Information Office
Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School

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