Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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MP prepares urgent letters to int’l institutions over Azeri harassment of Armenian children in Lachin corridor

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Member of Parliament Taguhi Tovmasyan, the Chair of the Human Rights Protection and Public Affairs Committee, said she is preparing urgent letters to competent international institutions regarding the Azeri harassment of Armenian children in Lachin corridor.

“19 children were subjected to psychological and emotional violence by Azerbaijan for being Armenians, one of them lost consciousness. I am preparing urgent letters to competent international institutions,” Tovmasyan said in a statement. “Azerbaijan doesn’t lay any single limit in ethnic hatred towards Armenians: they have persecuted even minor children who, accompanied by peacekeepers, returned to Artsakh to their parents in the conditions of more than a month later-long blockade of the only Artsakh-Armenia-world road by Azerbaijan.

However, the car was stopped by Azerbaijanis in the Shushi-Karin Tak area, on the blocked section of the Artsakh-Armenia-world road where agents of the Azerbaijani government posing as “eco-activists” are located.

10-15 Azerbaijanis in civilian clothes, with their faces covered, broke into the children’s bus and subjected the children to psychological violence.
The criminal activity of Azerbaijanis was not limited to the mentioned extent: since the bus continued its way, the Azerbaijanis also defiantly threatened the Armenian children.

With such an impudent behavior the agents of the Azerbaijani government have violated the key provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which should be a subject of urgent investigation by the competent international institutions and concrete actions of punishment against Azerbaijan.

With the mentioned criminal action Azerbaijan made one more step toward the implementation of the genocidal policy against ethnic Armenians. In the conditions of silence of the civilized world the crimes by Azerbaijan against the humanity will be further seen,” the lawmaker added.

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