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How to Find and Replace Outdated Windows Drivers

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You can also try the quick links below to see results for most popular searches. Select which device you would like to update and then right-click. Here’s the tutorial on how to add an app to the whitelist of Windows Defender. You’d better end other unnecessary running processes on the computer to get rid of interference generated by them. In this case, you should upgrade GeForce Experience to the latest version. The black screen of death on Windows 11 is caused by many reasons.

  • However, if more infections show in the quarantine list, you need to remove them, restart your PC, and continue to repeat steps 1 and 2 until no malware infections are present.
  • When this happens, they can make changes, delete and modify important files, and even steal your private data.
  • Drivers are pieces of code that allow software and hardware devices to work by facilitating interaction with the operating system.
  • In this method, we will first remove the Nvidia programs using the Control Panel and then use the Device Manager utility to install the driver.
  • You can also use a specialized program if you don’t want to follow the manual steps from above.

Windows 11 includes a dedicated troubleshooter that can automatically scan, detect and fix any issues with Windows Updates. It’s a good idea to run this tool first before trying anything else.

SparkFun Serial Basic Breakout – CH340C and USB-C

An audio driver is a bridge between the computer’s operating system and the audio devices, both internal and external. Your computer needs audio drivers to play sound files and Intel 5100 driver for windows 7 64 bit music. Head to this website on another Windows computer and download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. Plug in a blank (or unimportant) flash drive with at least 8GB of space. Note that anything stored on this USB drive will be deleted by the installation process, so if you have anything on it, move it somewhere else now.

This essentially allows you to control a computer from another device or mobile device. It’s a remote desktop app, but it runs on the Chrome browser, making it easier to set up.

Basic Troubleshooting steps to fix Windows 10 problems

The core drivers are created by your device manufacturer and provided by Microsoft after they go through Microsoft’s WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) testing to ensure they’re stable. Thisr is a free and open-source driver management tool that offers both online and offline driver installation options.

i can't install drivers windows 11

To keep your HP or Compaq computer running smoothly, update software on a regular basis. Turn it into something new (a Linux workstation! A home server! A hotspot!), give it to someone in need, or recycle it (if you trust recyclers anymore). There are a slew of options; we list several in 15 Great Uses for an Old PC. Maybe the best tip for performance is to go to Settings and type in “adjust appearance.” Click the pop-up menu that says Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows. Under Visual Effects, turn off animations, fades, shadows, etc. In the past, when something catastrophic happened to Windows, some techies preferred to reinstall an OS. Instead, you’ll use the Recovery utility to get a fresh start.

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