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The village of Artsni was the next milestone for placing the Armenian flag in the border villages of the Republic of Armenia

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The initiative of placing Armenia’s flag in the border villages of Armenia, “Sahmank Kajatz Droshn Uryants” (The Borders of the Brave Are Determined by the Flags They Plant) of the “Vasn Hayrenyats” (For the Homeland) national unification movement, continues.

For the third event of the initiative, it was the turn of the border village of Artsni in Lori region where the installation of the Armenian flag took place.

With the kind cooperation of Mr. Khachik Egnatosyan, the administrative head of the village, and with the blessing of the spiritual pastor of Tashir community, Honorable Father Nerses Galstyan, the flag of our Motherland was raised at the entrance of the village, in the vicinity of Hush-Khachkar statue, which stands to perpetuate the memory of the brave Armenians who died during the Artsakh liberation war.

The flag installation ceremony, which was scheduled to take place on April 30 and was postponed for a week due to unfavorable weather conditions, took place on May 7 at 13:00. The event was accompanied by cultural performances, during which the young artist Varuzhan Galtakyan and the Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Shushan Petrosyan had beautiful performances. Every patriotic Armenian was cordially invited to the ceremony, before whom Vahagn Chakhalyan gave a speech in the name of the “Vasn Hayrenyats” movement. Mr. Chakhalyan once again emphasized the goals of the “Sahmank Kajatz Droshn Uryants”  initiative to the audience. The purpose of placing the Armenian tricolor flag in the border villages, on a height, in visible places, is to symbolically delineate the inviolable borders of the Republic of Armenia with the state flag, to strengthen the respect for the national flag among Armenians, to attract attention to the border villages through public events, as well as to consolidate the representatives of various communities of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora around national goals.  Arsen Mirijanyan gave a heartfelt speech to the audience.

It should be noted that Armenia’s flag was installed in the village of Artsni under the generous patronage of Alex and Doralisia Nahapetyans from Florida, USA.

It’s worth to remind that within the framework of the initiative, the first flag was placed on March 5 in the border village of Anipemza in Shirak region, and the second one was placed on March 25 in the border village of Artanish in Gegharkunik region.

Press Office of the “Vasn Hayrenyats Movement”

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