Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mayor of Kapan calls on lawmakers to issue gun license to all villagers of border towns in Syunik


The Mayor of Kapan Gevorg Parsyan proposed lawmakers in parliament to pass a law that would allow villagers of border towns in Syunik province to possess and carry firearms for self-defense against potential threats.

“You can start legislative initiatives on arming the men of our villages, which would give additional confidence to our citizens. Let’s figure out a way to arm the villagers of our border settlements, so that every man would have a firearm in their home,” Parsyan said, noting that this has become a necessary safety measure after some villages of the province of Syunik are now bordering Azerbaijan following the delimitation and demarcation process after the Artsakh war.

Parsyan did not elaborate if his proposal refers to open carry or concealed carry.

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