Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Armenian Ombudsman under organized Azerbaijani media attacks


The Azerbaijani media organized attacks against the Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan in the recent days with the involvement of also MPs, ARMENPRESS reports Arman Tatoyan informed.

‘’The attacks are accompanied by announcements on starting a process of releasing him from duty, extreme insults against him, threats and hatred.

In addition, the Human Rights Defender received threats also by personal messages.

Those attacks are connected with the Defender’s statements related to human rights violations in the process of determining the borders of the Republic of Armenia, the appearance of Azerbaijani soldiers (flags and signs) in the Syunik region of the Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijani provocations against civilians.

Moreover, the statements of the Defender are openly falsified, after which they are subjected to manipulative speculations.

For example, the Human Rights Defender speaks about the inadmissibility of the presence of Azerbaijani servicemen, flags and placards in Syunik, he speaks about Azerbaijani war crimes, threats of war, ethic cleansings and state-sponsored Armeniaphobia, while the Azerbaijani media presents this as ‘’hysteria’’, ‘’so-called Syunik’’.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia considers absolutely condemnable these manipulative attacks of the Azerbaijani media, which are carried out with the participation of politicians, personal correspondence and falsify the real statements of the Defender, provoke new hostility and hatred against Armenians.

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