Tuesday, December 7, 2021

“Armenia” bloc has no final decision yet over parliamentary mandates: Kocharyan on taking the seats in new parliament


2nd President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, who is leading the “Armenia” bloc’s electoral list, says they have got very serious, new opportunities for continuing their fight.

During a press conference today he stated that the June 20 elections were not presidential elections, in case of presidential elections the “prize” is one, whereas in parliamentary elections there are first, second places.

“We do not have a final opinion, a final decision yet in our bloc over taking the mandates”, he said, adding that he is inclined to taking the seats.

Earlier today Kocharyan stated that the election results were unexpected, adding that the surveys conducted with the public were showing different picture.  “There have been mass violations. We have seen use of administrative resource. We will apply to the Constitutional Court to dispute the results. The offices are collecting all these materials”, he said.

Armenia held snap parliamentary elections on June 20.

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